AOnce more "Round of Thrones" show, in the extended time of our nerves 2022, has shown up to ship us from our long winter of "High positions"

 lessness. Would we like to go where it's taking us? "Place of the Dragon," HBO's extravagant prequel series in view of George R. R. Martin's "Fire and Blood,

recounts the narrative of House Targaryen in a period a long time before our lifelong companions appeared — a hundred and 72 years before the

demise of the Mad King, the initial titles illuminate us, and the introduction of his girl Daenerys Targaryen. Life in year 172 B.D.T., as I call it, looks 

 recognizable: dusty-shaded urban areas and castles, crystal fixtures that look like huge fires, shockingly blond decision families, a periodic bash

depravity would do well to be changed.) As ever, there's a progression emergency, and, when a HBO series is driven by a progression emergency,

 simply pause for a moment or two and notice the infighting: we have long stretches of powerful unfairness to appreciate, or persevere.

"Mythical serpent" quickly gives a portion of the old "Privileged positions" joys. The show opens not with a dismal ice-beast succession, as 

 "Privileged positions" did — cap tip to that — yet with the declaration, in a terrific corridor, of Prince Viserys (Paddy Considine) as the following ruler.

 The activity skirts ahead, nine years into Viserys' rule, when, after a charmingly recognizable credit succession — no guides, simply a