A little gathering of demonstrators reciting "Novak! Novak!" outside the entry of the U.S. 

Open asked a finish of the immunization travel order that held Novak Djokovic back

from contending in the current year's competition. Djokovic, who is from Serbia, couldn't make

a trip to the U.S. since he isn't inoculated against COVID-19. He had the 

option to contend during the past two U.S. Opens held during the pandemic

 however the ongoing immunization prerequisite started last Nov. 8.

Individuals from Families are Essential and Children's Health Defense and Teachers for Choice

 were among the demonstrators, remaining behind signs that read "End The Travel Mandate Now!"

With Serena Williams on the schedule at night, the U.S. Open has begun with far more buzz than usual for Day 1.

Play has started at the final Grand Slam of the year, with defending champion Daniil Medvedev among the players who will be in early action Monday.