Firing of Lisa LaFlamme sends discouraging message to young journalists, experts say

Specialists say Bell Media has sent a beating message to youthful writers, especially female ones down,

 by inelegantly ending the agreement of veteran commentator Lisa LaFlamme.

Furthermore, they say the choice to end her agreement following 35 years at CTV National News

 is an indication that broadcast columnists can probably partake in a vocation of simply 20 to 30 years, best case 

scenario, in light of the changing idea of the business Nana aba Duncan, an academic partner and Carty Chair of 

Journalism, Diversity and Inclusion Studies at Carleton University, said the

 end of the agreement was finished with an absenc of care and reasonableness.

"I can say for sure there are even young journalists, women who are writers and producers at CTV, who are wondering, 'Well, what am I here for?